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Re: Any chance for Kaio promotion?

Sakaigawa Rijicho, general director of Sumo Kyokai, indicated today that
if Kaio wins yusho with significant winning records (that means at least
13 wins and probably 14 wins), he will consider Kaio's Ozeki promotion 

Since Ozeki promotion does not require the consultation with outside
evaluation committee (such as Yokozuna Shingi Iinkai for Yokozuna promotion
and Yokozuna performance evaluation), if Kaio wins this basho with 14 wins,
he will probably be promoted to Ozeki after this basho.

Since Kaio has been in Sekiwake for longest consecutive basho in sumo
history, particularly among so many Futagoyama-beya rikishi, he might
get a big break in this basho without the best rikishi Yokozuna Takanohana.

Since Kaio has been performing rather well against any Ozeki, his biggest
challenge has been against Yokozuna Akebono besides Yokozuna Takanohana. 
Since his lone loss came on Day-5 against Akebono, he does not need to
worry about facing Yokozuna any longer before his possible Ozeki promotion
after the basho.

His weak points have been against lower ranked rikishi and his tendency of 
losing consecutive days. But he has been avoiding these bad habit this basho.
With injured Takanonami and Takatoriki with pain, his biggest challenge
this basho will be against Ozeki Musashimaru.

x Y Akebono (8-1)
o O Wakanohana (7-2)
? O Musashimaru (8-1) Day-13
? O Takanonami (5-4) Day-14
? S Takatoriki (4-5) Day-15
o S Kotonishiki (6-3)
o K Asahiyutaka (3-6)
o K Musoyama (4-5)
o 1 Daishoho (1-8)
? 1 Tosanoumi (4-5) Day-10
o 2 Akinoshima (6-3)
? 2 Mitoizumi (1-8)
o 3 Terao (2-7)
o 3 Kotonowaka (3-6)
? 4 Oginishiki (3-6)
? 4 Asanosho (3-6)
? 5 Tamakasuga (7-2) Day-11?
? 5 Hamanoshima (2-7)
? 6 Kenko (4-5) Day-12?
? 6 Kotoinazuma (3-6)
? 7 Ganyu (3-6)
? 7 Kyokushuzan (5-4)

I don't think Mitoizumi (1-8) will face Kaio this basho, but Tamakasuga
will be Kaio's opponent. With 3 yakurikishi he needs to face and today's
opponent Tosanoumi, the question is who will be the last one to challenge
him from the lower ranked rikishi. It should be either Kenko or Kyokushuzan.
As a former Sekiwake, Kenko will be a good choice. On the other hand, 
popular Mongolian Maegashira Kyokushuzan against Kaio will be more
popular match than Kenko against Kaio.

Local boy Kaio's sumo should be the best attraction in this basho for sure.


guje@nmr.phys.chem.ethz.ch さんが  6:44 PM 11/18/96 +0100ごろに
「Re: Any chance for Kaio promotion?」の件で:
>You wrote:
>> Even if Kaio wins yusho with 14 wins, he only won 9 matches
>> in Aki-basho, and that will keep Kaio in Sekiwake rank at least
>> two more basho after Kyushu.
>As I experienced Japanese rules when I was in Japan, they are adapted very
>pragmatically when the need arises. Suppose Kaio wins two yusho in a row,
>don't you think he will get promoted to ozeki?