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RE: Internet Sumo Video Feed

>>Has anyone been able to get the video feed from the Ozumo page?  I
>>got up at 3am EST to watch it.  Although I could see the feed was
Here in Boston I have gotten the video feed to work both times I have tried it 
(this past Wednesday and Thursday).  I had to try a few of the different 
servers before I could get it to work each time.

The video is very slow and more often then not we didn't get to see any 
video from the matches as the spurts of video would miss it.  The audio, on 
the other hand, is excellent.  All of the sounds are very clear and easy to 
understand so that's how we try to follow what's going on.  There are no 
commentators on the feed.

It's like 'sumo radio' with pictures.