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first kimarite ever

On Day-6, Maegashira Tosanoumi beaten Sekiwake Takatoriki.
Sumo Kyokai announced kimarite as "Kubi-Hineri" the first time
ever for a Maku(no)uchi or Juryo match since Sumo Kyokai adopted
the kimarite announcing in 1955.

Officially, there are 70 kimarite techniques in Sumo Kyokai's
kimarite guideline and 2 self-destruction (Isami-Ashi and Koshi-
Kudake). With this kubihineri decision, only four kimarite remain
as virgin (?) kimarite for Juryo and Maku(no)uchi match.

Those four are Tasuki-Zori, Shumoku-Zori, Kake-Zori and Soto-Tasuki-Zori.
All are "sori" techniques. If I remember correctly, Tomonohana was the
last rikishi used a kind of "sori" technique during hombasho match.
Since he is still active in Juryo, he must be the leading candidate to
try one of these four technique the first time. Other candidates are
Kyokushuzan and Asanowaka in my opinion, based on their sumo styles.