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Re: Sumo World (non sumo)

Ken Coller wrote:
> He wrote that the Nihon Sumo Kyokai website "recorded as many as
> 400,000 hits a day during the recent Aki basho..." and i'm wondering
> about that.

The pages giving results are set to "reload" themselves once a minute,
so one person viewing both Juryo and Makuuchi would cause more than
a hundred hits per day.  They are also somewhat sloppy about turning
the reloads off when the matches are over, so a browser left open
can rack up several hundred hits.  This would translate into only
a few thousand fans, if "not modified" status still counted as a hit.

And, as Tom McCarthy pointed out, if images were counted (there are
twelve unique ones per results page), the 400,000 hits could be
explained by a few hundred fans.