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Re: Sumo World

Ken Coller wrote:

> He wrote that the Nihon Sumo Kyokai website "recorded as many as
> 400,000 hits a day during the recent Aki basho..." and i'm wondering
> about that.


> I just want to know if 400,000 hits a day for 15 days is
> indicative of sumo fandom on the internet.

400,000 hits in one day is quite a lot, but it may not be as high  
as it sounds. It all depends on what is counted as a "hit." On the  
main page of SumoWeb!, we have a counter that stands at about 45,000  
for one year's worth of traffic. This counter only displays how  
many times the main page has been accessed. If we were to count any  
request as a "hit," the number would be significantly larger,  
because the main page has about 10 images, and each image has to be  
requested separately -- that's the way http works. If we counted  
every request, the main page alone would be at around 450,000. And  
Sumoweb! has about 100 pages, many of those with images on them...  
you get the idea.

Remember: there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Thomas McCarthy
tmccarth@usc.edu (NeXTmail and MIME)
tmccarth@afs2000a.usc.edu (ASCII only)