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Sumo World

Have all of you who get Sumo World perused your November issues yet? I was
thrilled to be mentioned in Mark Schilling's article! I'm still smarting to
have had my feet held to the fire by the redoubtable commentator.

He wrote that the Nihon Sumo Kyokai website "recorded as many as 400,000
hits a day during the recent Aki basho..." and i'm wondering about that. am
i seeing things, as he did when he said that the FAQ under my name said
that "All {kimarite} are based on slapping, pushing and grappling"
(paraphrasing mine)?

I'm not trying to get even or be mean, I just want to know if 400,000 hits
a day for 15 days is indicative of sumo fandom on the internet.

Excuse me, I have to go study Mainoumi and Mitoizumi in my videotape
collection now.  Kyokushuzan and Takanonami might be illustrative as well.

 - Ken Coller