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Re: (spoilers) More on Shonichi

Fujimori <fujimori@club-internet.fr> writes:
> Your description is really full of interest.


> How would you depict Kyokushuzan's performance yesterday with Konishiki 
> ?  (the preparatory state of shikiri seemed to me very rich in 
> *nuances* too, but my English is not free enough to try a description).

Sorry, but I missed this (only had time to catch the last few bouts
yesterday, and a few more today), and I'll probably miss the rest of
the bouts this week. Hannanofuji's comment about Akebono's eyes
interested me, though... From my limited viewing so far, it seems to
me that his eyes seem to find the TV cameras during the pre-fight
shikiri/shiomaki rituals much more often than most wrestlers, who
stare into space more...

	- Ian.

PS. Apologies, but the hoshitori banzuke isn't done yet. But I guess 
    you figured this out from my last post, for which I also apologise
    (some day I'll get used to my new mailer interpreting `r' as
    `reply all' instead of just `reply'...)