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Re: Results/pairings from CIS

Daishoho and Daihisho is always very confusing.
The one lost to Manatofuji was actually DaiHIsho, and the one lost
to Kotonowaka is DaishoHO who has fine skin color with chest hair
from Sapporo where I was born and lived till graduating from a high 
school. :)

For Hoshitori, this difference is not that significant for today, since
both lost and started with 0-1 record. ;)


>Daishoho      (0 - 1) L   yorikiri         W  Minatofuji     (1 - 0)
>Daishoho      (0 - 1) L   yorikiri         W  Kotonowaka     (1 - 0)