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(oops!) Re: Hoshitori Contest: Banzuke rules

>Anyway, Totoro said to me that he would do take care of the banzuke if his
>system problems have been solved, so I guess everyone has to leave the ranking
>in the hoshitori entry blank and let him fill it in later.

Sorry.... but I don't understand why everyone has to leave it blank.  The rules
for promotion/demotion I sent out are accurate as to Ian's last posting of
them... 99.99% sure, at least =-)    

It takes all of 30 seconds to look up your new rank... assuming you know what
it was and how you did last time.  Maybe that's assuming a lot, I don't know.

Anyway that's the why I went to the trouble to repost the rules. If you want to
figure our your own rank, it might save some others who already do so much
(i.e., Totoro)  from having to do more work.

My two cents for the day...