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Re: kyujo rikishi

By the way, in case you miss, Kyokudozan won't be playing.
He is not "kyujo rikishi" but he is an elected officer for National
Diet, Japanese house of representative. He retirement from sumo
has been treated as "haigyo".

So, it is a good idea to avoid Kyokudozan from your Hoshitori list.


Masumi Abe さんが  8:32 AM 11/8/96 -0800ごろに
「kyujo rikishi」の件で:
>All Maku(no)uchi rikishi will be participating on Shonichi, at least.
>The only sekitori decided to sit out of this basho from the first day
>is Daizen (Nishi Juryo 2-maime) who will be granted "kosho" and 
>will be back next basho at the same rank as this basho.