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Re: Mainoumi Rumours

[ You Wrote: ]> Whatever happened to Maimoumi, my favorite player, and also in regard to 
[ You Wrote: ]> tthis injury...is he still active?  I would be interested in any news 
[ You Wrote: ]> about him, no matter how old.

The last thing I heard from my somewhat unreliable source (my in-laws) he will
participate, but he's pessimistic. Says he can't use his leg 100 %. And everybody
knows what that means to a rikishi like Mainoumi.

But still I didn't read any solid info about this.

-=-=- Robert

I just got the GTB entry from Robert Wilson. as I said, I lost some,
so can you resend them. (I know abe-san sent me the first, I lost it)