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I humbly apologize ...

I can't believe it.

Due to problems with our chip I have to go to the U.S.
next week. Hell broke loose here. 
It's always during bashos or after I asked
for the entries for the GTB game.

I promise :-) that Iwill post the results after Ireturn,
hopefully in one week.

In addition to that, my Mailtool crashed last week, burrying some
GTB entries:

I recovered the one from steve, bob and a.isgar@

Please, can the other ones resend theirs.

I'm truly sorry, Maybe I should pass this game to
somebody else, so if somebody volunteers I will
pass a very lousy maintained perl script any time.
But maybe it would be better to design it from scratch.

I guess my initial sumo enthusiasm in the first years
cooled down after I adopted japanese working rituals :-(

Hopefully I'm back soon,


-=-=- Robert