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Re: Hoshitori Sanyaku report

While we haven't seen too much of Tosanoumi yet, it's hard
to be surprised by the performance of Kotonishiki and also
Kotonowaka. Disappointed, yes, but not particularly out of
character. Kotonishiki has been one of the most unpredictable
rikishi around for the past several years. He won his single
yusho from the Maegashira 5 slot, and has been on the brink
of Ozeki consideration. He seems to fumble every time he gets
near the goal. Kotonowaka had his best basho in Osaka, and
the others probably decided to concentrate more on how to
defeat him. He may have had too much fun after his wedding,
with all the sponsor parties, etc. Tosanoumi has shown some
good skill so far, but he just needs time to season himself.
He did well at first because nobody knew his style. Now that
others are more familiar with him, the initial tricks don't
work anymore (check out Mainoumi on this, too). With a bit
more time and hard work, Tosanoumi should be up there with
the other San-yaku fulltime.

Just a couple thoughts...