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That's a wrap!

I really enjoyed the Natsu Basho!  Thanks to all of you for your postings.  The
combination of Sumo World magazine, the nightly highlights on NHK News Japan,
and this mailing list keeps me in touch with sumo.
During the last basho, I was impressed with Kotonowaka's performance.  I
thought that his brief flirtation with first place would inspire him to perform
even better this time.  Instead, he fell apart.  My other weak choices were
Pepsi Boy and Ganyu - ugghh!  What was I thinking?
Wakanohana's sumo continues to amaze me.  In the last basho, many of his
victories were by very slim margins.  He is either very lucky or very clever...
maybe both.  His brother Taka is magnificent.  I especially like Taka's sense
of sportsmanship.  He usually finds a way to keep his opponent from getting
tossed too hard.  Unlike Akebono's unnecessary extra shove on Takanonami (day
12), Taka often pulls them back once they've lost.
I know there's been a lot of discussion about Hoshitori rules.  I like the idea
of selecting five from the top 20 rikishi, and five from the bottom 20 rikishi.
A closing thought - the new announcer on NHK News Japan is very nice, but I
really miss J.L. from Today's Japan.
Maegashira Kintaro
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
Atlanta, Georgia