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The opinion of a twenty-something professional

The following is the view of a good friend who is a bright twenty-something Japanese professional working here in
the US.  From discussions I've had with him and a range of others, both male and female, I get the sense that this is a
rather widely held opinion among those of his generation who are well-educated.  He does say that sumo is not as
badly regarded as is our own WWF "professional wrestling".  He's pulling my leg, and he knows I know it, in his first

>I'm suprised to hear that you've believed Sumo wrestlers are "pure." My impression is they are far from "pure,"
>although I don't have any proof. The story in the article seems very real. There have always been these kinds of
>rumors, including the relationship with Yakuza, drug, sexual scandal, staged-match, etc. Everybody in Japan
>guesses so. Notwithstanding, they are enjoying (a virtual image of) Sumo as a kind of show. I don't understand at
>all why they are treated like heroes. For me, Sumo wrestlers look ugly and unhealthy  --  too obese things. We
>should look at reality! This is my opinion.  Too cynical? I don't mean to disturb your enjoyment, sorry.

Now all I have to suffer is daily humiliation for not having included Kaio in my picks.........    :^(