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Re: Sumo Wrestling in Grip of Corruption : Article from Tod

David asked me to forward this to the ML.

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Back when Chiyo ruled the Sumo world there were also a number of 
allegations about bout fixing. At one point Konishiki stated publicly 
that he didn't believe that bouts were purposefully thrown, but that 
the hierarchy on the dohyo was so completely dominated and controlled 
by Chiyo that many wrestler's simply did not try to upset the system, 
trying when they were supposed to win, not trying when they were not 
supposed to win. This happened relatively close to two famous 
(infamous) bouts in which young bucks (Terao and Kyokudozan) fought 
tooth and nail to throw Chiyo. Terao paid for it by having Chiyo 
throw him violently into the 3rd row - Chiyo later said that Terao 
was becoming strong so he had to punish him. In the other bout 
Kyokudozan fought the Yokozuna on the muwashi to a stale mate for 
more than two minutes. Finally he managed to throw Chiyo, something 
which almost never happened.  Anyway, I guess the point of my story, 
besides simple reminiscing, is that these sorts of allegations are 
not anything new.

Gambatte Kaio and Musoyama!


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