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CIS Sumo Results Day 7

Don't have much time this morning so just quick results from Nobuo and Sumo 
Pool pairing:

Quick sumo results for Day 7
The sumo pool bout :  Akinoshima beat Kotonowaka  !

Kaio defeated ozeki Musashimaru today!

The sumo pool bout for Day 8 :   Mainoumi     vs       Konishiki
          scores in this basho    4-3                   5-2
          rankings                mae.#9                mae.#14
          past wins               4 wins                3 wins
          height                  171cm                 183cm
          weight                  100kgs                274kgs
          age                      28                    32
          origin                  aomori                hawaii
          stable                  dewanoumi             takasago
                                  small                 BIG

I'll post the detail sumo results & tomorrow's full pairings(Day8)
about two hours later.

NobuoMaru (2-5)


Manukeyama 4-3