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Re: SUMO FAQ project

At 12:24 PM 4/27/96 GMT, Sumo Now! wrote:
>After six days of work, a version of the Sumo FAQ is ready for
>distribution. I will send it to Chris Basten so that anyone can request it
>from MajorDomo. Tom McCarthy will also make this available on SumoWeb!
>As it might take a little time for Chris and Tom to make it accessible for
>everyone, I will e-mail it to any of you who are impatient to see what
>version 1.0 looks like. If you read it at all closely, you'll find question
>marks, snide comments, obvious omissions, and lots of room for improvement.
>On the other hand, it does strive to be exhaustive and up to date. The only
>outright piece of deliberate false information is a little tribute to
>Kirishima. The faster I get help from y'all to produce version 1.1, the
>quicker that will be corrected.
>Please, everyone who has time or interest, do take a look at it. the text
>runs 105k, and I'll segment it into six or seven messages.
>Thank you so very much for your attention.

Would love to see it NOW.