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SUMO FAQ project

After six days of work, a version of the Sumo FAQ is ready for
distribution. I will send it to Chris Basten so that anyone can 
request it from MajorDomo. Tom McCarthy will also make this 
available on SumoWeb!

As it might take a little time for Chris and Tom to make it accessible for
everyone, I will e-mail it to any of you who are impatient to see what
version 1.0 looks like. If you read it at all closely, you'll find question
marks, snide comments, obvious omissions, and lots of room for improvement.
On the other hand, it does strive to be exhaustive and up to date. The only
outright piece of deliberate false information is a little tribute to
Kirishima. The faster I get help from y'all to produce version 1.1, the
quicker that will be corrected.

Please, everyone who has time or interest, do take a look at it. the text
runs 105k, and I'll segment it into six or seven messages.

Thank you so very much for your attention.

 - Ken Coller