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(Fwd) Re: last basho day 4: Taka's toe...

> I can half-remember -- read: don't remember the details -- one time
> when Akebono was having a zen-sho tournament so far, and I was sure
> that he lost a match. There was a mono-ii, and it was judged a
> yari-naoshi (do-over). He won the second time around.
I believe the bout you are refering to was between Tomonohana and 
Akebono tried to push Tomo out but Tomo deflected it causing Ake to 
topple over - the effect of which caused Tomo backwards and out. 
I believe Ake touch outside / down first by a few fractions of a 
second, and many thought that Tomo had also made sufficient effort to 
avoid Ake's push to counter any "who was attacking" arguements.  
Fuirthermore Ake was falling  "Shingitai" well before Tomo stepped 
out.   However the Judges controversially ordered a rematch. 

There was a review following this basho on the use of rematches as it 
was pointed out in many of the papers that the lower ranked wrestler 
has a much poorer chance in general the second time round as he 
generally has to decieve the Yokozuna / ozeki to win.  Another  
reason for the controversy was Tomonohana's popularity.



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