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Sumo magazine

While I was in Japan in late January, I could not wait and bought February
issue of Sumo magazine from Baseball Magazine-sha. I enjoyed it whole a
lot. But now I received another copy from my subscription through
Kinokuniya Books in US, I don't need two copy of the same magazine.

If any of you are interested in this brand new copy of February issue of
Sumo magazine, with Takanohana's dohyo-iri on the cover page, and
Wakanohana's poster attached, with all the results and records from
Hatsu-basho, and with 13 pages of color photoes and B&W photoes in page
29-60 and 125-140. The original price is 700 yen in Japan. That means
probably about 12 dollars in US including tax. Sumo magazine is the only
official sumo magazine associated with Sumo Kyokai.

If you are interested in this copy (real magazine), please contact me as
soon as possible. If you send me $5, I'll send you this never opened Sumo
magazine to you. Since I have only one, the first one claiming for will
have the rights. $5 includes mailing cost. It's all written in Japanese. 

The process is:
you send me a claiming email - I notify you that you have the first rights
- you send me $5 - I receive $5 - I mail it to you - you receive it.

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