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Re: Musashimaru: Yokozuna after next basho?

>To: sumo@esssjp.stat.ncsu.edu
From: paulsw@wimsey.com
>Subject: Re: Musashimaru: Yokozuna after next basho?

>Yugo Yodogawa wrote:
>>Since Musashimaru jun-yusho'd this basho, I think he should be promoted
>>if and only if he yusho's in the Haru basho.
> From the matches I have seen I don't think Musashimaru is ready to be
>promoted.  Yes he is big.  Yes, he's strong and he appears to have the right
>attitude but IMHO he is lacking technique.
>If he can keep an opponent off his belt he is quite good.  If his opponent
>gets a belt hold he doesn't appear to have the techniques (i.e. throwing) to
>win decisively.  It also appears to me that he loses some of his fighting
>spirit when his opponent has a belt hold. I think his fighting spirit would
>remain strong if he improved his technique. Also, improved technique would
>give him more confidence and more options when his opponent has a belt hold.
>IMHO when his technique improves he will easily attain consecutive yusho's
>and well qualified to be a Yokozuna.

I tend to agree that Musashimaru is not ready for the promotion to Yokozuna at 
this time.  I think he will be well served to improve his yotsu zumo, as you 
suggest, and his
Japanese.  As I have said in a previous posting it seems that the younger a
rikishi is promoted to yokozuna the younger he retires, i.e., Hokutoumi and
Onikuni.  Yokozuna have many responsibilities other than the tournaments, such
as leading the delegation of rikishi to the earthquake area in Kobe as Akebono
and Takanohana will do (or maybe they have done so by now).  And being an
American Musashi maru will be obligated, or at least expected to participate in
activities such as what Konishiki did in providing guest comentary concerning
the super bowl on Japanese TV- and Konishiki did very well.  I assume
Musashimaru's Japanese is improving, but the last time I saw him interviewed,
after his yusho, he was only able, or at least only willing, to provide only
the very simplest of answers.  I he is promoted too soon it will add tremendous
pressure to his already internal pressure to win and may indeed shorten his 
career by several years.

Another observation I made during the last basho was that Akebono appears to be
adding poundage and is looking more and more like a long legged Takamiyama - 
very large upper body with skinny legs.  Especially when compared to Takanohana
or Musashimaru.  Musashimaru would serve himself well to watch his weight and 
Akebono would probably serve himself well to drop a few pounds and relieve the 
strain on his already weakened legs.

These are my humble opinions and I am open to comment

Have a nice day and don't you wish we could have sumo everyday???

Steve Allanson
Sierra Vista, Arizona (by the way it was 75 degrees here yesterday-WINTER??)