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Aki Basho: Days 7 & 8

Day 7:
Winners:            Losers:          Kimarite:
--------            -------          ---------
Kushimaumi          Naminohana  (J)  kotenage
Daishi              Akinoshima       oshidashi
Wakanoyama          Mitoizumi        oshidashi
Tokitsunada         Kiraiho          yorikiri
Daizen              Kotogaume        yorikiri
Minatofuji          Kirishima        uwatenage
Kotofuji            Oginishiki       yorikiri
Kotobeppu           Daishoho         yorikiri
Tochinowaka         Takamisugi       oshidashi
Kotoinazuma         Kitakachidoki    katasukashi
Kotonishiki         Asanowaka        oshidashi
Konishiki           Kaio             yorikiri
Kyokudozan          Misugisato       katasukashi
Hamanoshima         Kenko            yorikiri
Kotonowaka          Mainoumi         uwatenage
Musoyama            Takatoriki       hikiotoshi
Wakanohana          Tomonohana       oshidashi
Musashimaru         Terao            oshidashi
Takanohana          Kasugafuji       oshidashi
Takanonami          Higonoumi        yorikiri
Day 8 (Nakabi):
Winners:            Losers:            Kimarite:
--------            -------            ---------
Wakanoyama     4-4  Tatsuhikari   (J)  oshidashi
Akinoshima     5-3  Kotofuji      3-5  yorikiri
Tokitsunada    5-3  Kushimaumi    4-4  yorikiri
Daishoho       6-2  Konishiki     4-4  okuridashi
Asanowaka      4-4  Minatofuji    5-3  oshidashi
Kotogaume      4-4  Kirishima     3-5  yorikiri
Kyokudozan     4-4  Daishi        4-4  shitatenage
Kotobeppu      5-3  Mitoizumi     3-5  yorikiri
Takamisugi     3-5  Oginishiki    2-6  hatakikomi
Kasugafuji     2-6  Kotoinazuma   2-6  hatakikomi
Kitakachidoki  3-5  Tochinowaka   2-6  yorikiri
Tomonohana     2-6  Kiraiho       2-6  hikiotoshi
Daizen         5-3  Kotonowaka    4-4  tsukiotoshi
Higonoumi      3-5  Mainoumi      2-6  kirikaeshi
Musoyama       8-0  Misugisato    2-6  oshidashi
Takatoriki     6-2  Terao         2-6  tsukidashi
Takanonami     7-1  Kenko         3-5  yorikiri
Wakanohana     8-0  Kotonishiki   5-3  hikiotoshi
Musashimaru    6-2  Kaio          5-3  yorikiri
Takanohana     8-0  Hamanoshima   3-5  yorikiri
Through the first 8 days, I don't see a lot of surprises,
except for the performance of Musoyama.  There is a gleam
in his eyes that I don't remember before, and he carries
himself like a potential Ozeki finally.  I guess he's about
ready to make a run for the rank, living up to expectations
from many analysts.  I'm kind of disappointed about the
fighting spirit of the rikishi who go up against Takanohana.
They seem to be laying down quickly, without putting up a
challenge to him.  This may not BE the case, but it looks
like it to me.  Waka has had more of a struggle, and his
wins are more deserving.  There is beginning to be a chance
of a playoff next Sunday, as several rikishi stay in the
hunt for the cup.  I think this week should be really fun
to watch them make a run for it.

Mata nee....