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Re: [sumo] No More Gaijin In Sumo

On 9/2/05, Clay Holden <cholden@kappa-joe.com> wrote:
> A nice step back in time to the dark ages in America when black baseball and
> basketball players were excluded from participating in "white" sports where
> they were likely to excel for similarly racist reasons.

There is one major flaw in your analogy.  America excluded its own
citizens, drawing the line purely at race.  Ozumo is excluding based
only on citizenship.  In theory, the child of an white American and a
naturalized white Japanese could have 0% Japanese bloodline, yet would
be allowed to participate in Ozumo by way of their Japanese
citizenship under these rules.

However, as Japanese are required to renounce all other citizenships
by their 22nd birthday in order to keep Japanese citizenship, I would
love to see how they would react to such a rikishi who decides to
renounce his Japanese citizenship instead.

  - Joe

[EndPost by Joe Petrow <joepetrow@gmail.com>]