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[sumo] oshi-dashi'd message

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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:33:54 +0800
From: Jezz <jejima@gmail.com>
Subject: [Sumo Games] Bench Sumo

You are cordially invited to play Bench Sumo (as featured in the
latest edition of the Sumo Fan Magazine
http://www.sumofanmag.com/content/Issue_2/Bench_Sumo.htm ;-)

To do so:-

1.  Send an email to bench_sumo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join our
Mailing List (to receive results etc).
2.  Go to http://benchsumo.sumogames.com to register and enter your
squad by the early deadline (the Friday prior to the basho starting, 2
pm Japan time).
3.  Go to www.benchsumo.net to read the rules - although the easiest
way to learn this game is to play it - and pick it up as you go along

Any questions - just ask me.

There are a lot of great sumo games out there.  Most can be accessed
by going to Kofuji's excellent web-site (Kofuji is responsible for
automating several of the games, including Bench Sumo) at


Jejima (BS Rijicho)
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