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[sumo] [spoiler]September 1 keiko news

Asashouryuu, who was beaten by Kotooushuu last basho, came for degeiko at Sadogatake beya as promised. He woke up bright and early, prepared himself, and was driven over. He had 18 consecutive bouts. He had 6 with Osh. Furious tsuki, oshi and quick morozashi wins- he won all six. "He has become strong", praised Asa. "I'll be going tomorrow as well", he promised.
"Hey! The Yokozuna came all this way to our heya for keiko! Show some more spirited youth!" roared Sadogatake Oyakata unto Kotooushuu, who was showing feeble sumo against Asa, coming in low and showing almost no offense. He was thrown down with a hearty uwatenage, among other kimarite. "The basho and the keiko-ba are the same..but", was all Osh could say.


Tochiazuma. Futenou , Baruto and others all came for degeiko at Kasugano beya. There were 8 sekitori in all, which made for a lively keiko session indeed. Baruto had 13 matches and went 6-7. He managed to get a reverse on- the- edge win against Futenou, but said, "I couldn't do my own kind of Sumo. All these sekitori are ranked above me so I could not excel..", he said.
Blog-o (Futenou for you..) had 26 matches- "It's been a while since I've had that many matches..", he said, looking pleased with himself. Tochiazuma had 5 bouts against Futenou and won only 3. "I'm glad I had the chance to train against a guy in such good form (genki..)", said Azuma, smiling.
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