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Re: [sumo] almost a great trip

On 6/29/05, Brinkman, Chad <Monkey@4ezt.com> wrote:
> the other problem is the scheduling. as i've looked more closely at my schedule, i'm actually leaving to return to the states early wednesday. so really, as last day in the country, day 3 is out. day 1 isn't likely to offer any walk up tickets, so taht leaves day 2.

I think you overestimate the current popularlity of sumo.  If it does
sell out on Day 1 (and that's a big if) it certainly won't happen
until the afternoon.  Since you're going through all this trouble I
assume you'd like to catch a full day's worth of sumo, so if you go in
the morning Day 1 tickets will absolutely not be a problem.

  - Joe

[EndPost by Joe Petrow <joepetrow@gmail.com>]