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Re: [sumo] DVDs from the Kokugikan

Well, this isn't a full translation, not by a long mile, but here's a recap I emailed to a friend of mine to whom I had sent a burned copy of these DVD's. Probably not anything anyone who has these can't figure out, but still....I'm just copying and pasting here, forgive the rough edges and probably errors:


#1) This one of about techniques, with focus on upsets or the "little
guy" triumphing over the big one. Hence, the match you're referring to,
which i think is the Mainoumi (short guy) vs. Akebono (big Hawaiian
yokozuna). There are actually 3 Mainoumi bouts (all in a row), he was
famous for trying out various techniques to compensate for his size
(technically too short to be a rikishi, he injected silicone into his
scalp to meet the height requirements).

#2) examples of rivalries. The guy in orange is Akebono, matched with
Konishki. Same disc, a couple of Akebono against Takanohana matches,
this was a big rivalry 7 years ago. Later Akebono vs. Musashimaru.

#3) Championship deciding matches. Quite a few are "kettei sen" matches,
which is where after the tournament rikishi are tied with identical
record, basically a playoff (usually only two rikishi but in Osaka in
lower division Makushita, there were 7 rikishi with identical records
and they had to do some sort of round-robin playoff, drawing straws and
what not). First bout is Takanohana's father (the skinnier one) beating
Kitanoumi, one of the all-time greats (now dir. of sumo association).
Takanohana's father (same fighting name) is sometimes called one of the
great Ozeki's (never made it to yokozuna). Is now in hospital death bed
with cancer of some sort. The Chiyonofuji bout (4th) is unique in that
both rikishi were from same heya (in such situation, the only chance
they have to go against each other is in a kettei sen). 5th match, with
Konishiki crying, is when he won his first championship. Later
Takanonami vs. Takanohana, twice, both times Takanohana losing. Here
again, both from same heya. Two pretty famous Takanohana-Musashimaru
matches with the former in lots of pain due to knee injuries.

#4) I'm afraid i don't really understand the meaning of 4's title. The
introduction says something again about size is not the most important
thing. the second bout is great, Chiyo vs. Washa-something (now a judge).

#5) Something to do with brothers both in sumo, both brothers are shown,
in succession. Terao (tall slim (relatively) one in first bout, has two
great bouts here, one winning, one losing (against Takanohana).
Takanohana's famous match with Chiyo is here (4th), this is the match
that caused Chiyo to retire, Takanohana was 18 I believe. The
Takanohana-wakanohana match (2nd to last) was a kettei sen, a super
rarity as not only where they from same heya, they were of course
brothers. Only time in history that has happened, says the caption. The
last match, Tochiazuma beating Wakanohana, forced the latter's
retirement. The family connection here also being that Tochiazuma's
father was a great champion some years ago.


Kurt aka Higashimori

Jezz wrote:

I also have purchsed the whole set ;-)  They're are great, especially
if you like watching Konishiki as the fall-guy ;-)

I'd also appreciate a full translation :-)


On 6/29/05, Emmett Wayne <emmett.wayne@us.army.mil> wrote:

In May, during my one day trip to the basho, I purchased 5 boxes of some
type of Japanese snack.  Packaged in each snack was a DVD with 10 historic
sumo matches on each DVD.  Each box was different, so I got 5 DVDs with 50
bouts.  If anyone out there knows what I am talking about, has also
purchased the set, AND has translated the match information, or anything
else from these; would you be kind enough to send me your translations.  I
would gladly send you a set of my "little sumo men" as a thank you.

Emmett Wayne Torideyama [EndPost by "Emmett Wayne" <emmett.wayne@us.army.mil>]

[EndPost by Jezz <jejima@gmail.com>]

[EndPost by Kurt Easterwood <pumpkin@orange.plala.or.jp>]