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RE: [sumo] [Sumo games] Salarycap Sumo Invite

The entry form for Salarycap Sumo is now available! For newcomers who have never heard of the game before, every player gets a fictional 1000 yen to "buy" a team of up to 10 rikishi. The rikishi values are based on their performance of the last 6 bashos, wins, losses, special awards, and yusho or jun-yusho awards. Because of this, if you want to buy someone who is performing well, you might have to pay a lot for them. This basho, for instance, Asashoryu is 458 yen, almost half of a team budget!

Hakuho stays steady at second most expensive, but is lower this basho at 278 yen. He is the only rikishi other than Asa over 200, as the next expensive is Kotomitsuki, who has put together two good basho, and is at 198. The average cost of a rikishi is 134 yen this basho, so there aren't too many bargains, though Tamaasuka is a measly 47 yen, and should be showing up in many lineups as "filler".

Many people have asked me what a rikishi with three 8-7 records and three 7-8 records would cost. The answer to that is 120 yen.

The game is where it always has been, at http://www.strongoak.net/salarysumo

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