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Re: [sumo] News from today

moti wrote:

In response,Takanohana lashed out at his brother in the media today again. "This lawsuit is a sham-it's me he's after, and I'm pretty sure he will be suing me as well after the family ceremony on July the third. But I'll be ready, for sure. Leave it to him to drag this into a hon-basho. You'll see!", he said. "The guy's a hypocrite. On the one hand, he is keeping silent, instead of coming out and answering various accusations. OTOH, he sues a tabloid. That's treacherous. He is cleverly manipulating everyone, by sending messages out via third parties instead of saying it all by himself", he added.

You know, I may just be a relative newcomer to this list but I have to say that Taka's really starting to get om my nerves with this. I really think that this is far more disgraceful conduct than anything Chad has done.

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