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[sumo] News from today

"My physical condition is excellent. I'm moving forward nicely. I think I'm OK. I'll be getting ready at my own pace", said Tochiazuma today. He went for degeiko at Kasugano (Dewanoumi ichimon rengo-keiko) and fought Tochinonada, Tochisakae and others, 20 matches-no results given.

First time ever foreign brothers in Makuuchi Rohou and Hakurozan met for degeiko at Oshima beya with Kyokushuuzan, Kyokutenhou, Tosanoumi and others. They did not have any direct matches, but Rohou was giving advice to Hakurozan, while Hakurozan was seen wiping big brother's back a few times. "It makes me really happy to see my brother here!", said Rohou.

In sharp contrast: Masaru (Wakanohana III) has filed a suit against the notorious Shuukan Post tabloid. He is suing them for 10 million yen on grounds of defamation of character. In the isuue that hit the streets a few days ago, he is pictured as a heartless brute who betrayed his father by leaving the Kyokai, then came to his hospital deathbed asking for a loan to expand his business. His wife is also depicted as a veritable gold-digger.
Tha Post editor declined to comment, as he claims he has not seen the petition yet.
In response,Takanohana lashed out at his brother in the media today again. "This lawsuit is a sham-it's me he's after, and I'm pretty sure he will be suing me as well after the family ceremony on July the third. But I'll be ready, for sure. Leave it to him to drag this into a hon-basho. You'll see!", he said. "The guy's a hypocrite. On the one hand, he is keeping silent, instead of coming out and answering various accusations. OTOH, he sues a tabloid. That's treacherous. He is cleverly manipulating everyone, by sending messages out via third parties instead of saying it all by himself", he added.
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