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[sumo] Kaiketsu


It amazes me how much I learn each time I use the query engine at

Today's find is Kaiketsu, who has two separate runs as an Ozeki.  The
first one lasted 5 basho, the second only 4.

We all know that Tochizuma is on his 3rd Ozeki run, and that the 2nd one
was only 2 basho.  I know Mienoumi had 2 runs, the first only lasting 3
basho.  But, are there others in history who had multiple runs as Ozeki?

The three shortest stints at Ozeki were 2 basho each by Takanonami,
Musoyama, and Tochiazuma.  And, the 5 people who have saved their
kadoban Ozeki are Mienoumi, Takanonami, Musoyama, and Tochiazuma

All wonderful trivia, but I still wonder who had the most different runs
as an Ozeki.

Thanks, have a great weekend.


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