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[sumo] Yokozuna Tamanoumi

Miura Tomohiro/Tamanoumi Daisaburo/Tamanoumi Daitaro
was one amazing man. He was born in Oita Precture on
Janauary 2, 1923. And you were right he got caught
fighting while getting drunk in 1940. 

He had his dohyo debut in May 1937. His father was a
cook working for a restaurant in Oita. He loved
playing baseball while he was going to elementary
school but when Tamainishiki came to Oita for a
Jyungyo tour he went to see sumo and became interested
in sumo. He wanted to join Futagoyama's heya but the
owner of restaurant was a sumo supporter and
introuduced him to Tamanishiki and Nishonoseki Beya.

After he came back from the war working for HIitachi
Shipyards in Osaka, then Jonidan Wakanohana came over
as a part of Jyungyo group. He took his sumo beya
students to go against Wakanohana and seeing
Wakanohana easily throwing them around he got upset
and he himself went up on the dohyo and faced him but
he also was easily thrown out.

Later in 1950, he had the same dream of Tamanishiki
two nights in a raw wondering what was going on and
discovered a letter from him asking him to come back
to Ozumo.

In May 1950 he was scheduled to meet Futahaguro who
once saved his life. Tamanoumi had a fever with a
temperature of over 39 degrees C but he felt he needed
to repay the kindness shown to him and dragged himself
out of bed and beat him. That was the final bout of

In 1957 he felt he no longer had a confidence to stay
active so he was ready to retire. But he was persuaded
to stay by his Osaka Supporters Club chairman saying
it was the first ever Kyushu Basho and he should
participate as if to repay all he has received from
Ozumo. So he decided to enter and would quit after the
basho. He planned to put on the gold mawashi given to
him by the chairman who was also the head of shipyards
he once worked. But then Kyokai chair Tokitsukaze
oyakata told him it was not a regulation color and he
could no wear it. He asked the chairman to allow it
for one basho only as he planned to retire after the
basho. He ended up winning every one of his bouts and
won the Yusho. And again he was persuaded to stay and
he did. 

After his retirement from active career, as Kataonami
oyakata he wanted to become independent but was not
allowed to do so. He took 17 of his recruites and left
Nishonoseki Beya. Nishonoseki oyakata got so upset
that he told them that he was prepared to expell all
17 rikishis. The Kyokai stepped in and resolved it by
disciplining both Tamaonumi and Nishonoseki oyakata. 

There were many urban legends surrounding Tamanoumi
Daitaro (actually the most dealing with his drinking
habits are usually true). For instance he was found
sleeping on streetcar rail tracks one early morning
after getting drunk. Fortunately his Tsukebito found
him in time to save him from a certain death. The
tsukebito apologized profusely to the driver and it
did not turn into a major incident for the Kyokai. He
once beat a policeman whom he thought was not friendly
enough again after drinking. He also used to walk
around in nights to find Yakuza members to get into a

But even for this Sake lover there was a time when he
abstained from drinking. It was when Tamanoshima was
set aside for his yokozuna promotion. Tamanoumi
declined a drink possibly for the first time in his

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