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[sumo] Kokonoe on Chiyotaikai's case..

"I will not approve any marriage until he reaches Yokozuna!!", said Kokonoe Oyakata, regarding Chiyotaikai's ongoing romance with tarento Kawamura Hikaru. That calf injury sustained in the first half of February is healing much slower than expected, and kyujo is becoming a real possibility at this point. His keiko with the young deshi was apparently quite erratic these last few days. "He is all over the papers, and the articles are not about his professional abilities. That is no good. This ain't no picnic!! He has things he must do!!", boomed Kokonoe-Oyakata.
Today, he did only some shiko and teppo practices and "lent his chest" to the young rikishi.
"I've got nothing to say. My left calf? You can see for yourself.." said Chiyotaikai. "He is not doing any keiko with other sekitori for fear of aggravating the injury", added Kokonoe Oyakata. "The next days are crucial. It doesn't look good at this time."
Chiyo would really like to enter Haru, (last Haru, he won the Yusho) and establish some sort of momentum, but things are looking bleak..
Kintamayama Mochiron

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