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[sumo] Bushuyama - New Juryo

New Juryo

Bushuyama (27 years old, 190 cm tall, 159 kg)
Musashigawa Beya 
"Aiming towards the Kyushu Basho, I feel half anxious
and the other with anticipation. I'd like to show
vigorous sumo, a sumo style of always moving forward."

Bushuyama became the first sekitori from Daito Bunka
University. As his sumo club had only 15 memebers, the
members worked out at Musashigawa Beya. He made his
dohyo debut at the Hatsu Basho in 1999 after becoming
eligible as a Makushita Tsukedashi ranking by placing
the Best 16 in the 1998 All Japan Sumo Championships. 

A year later he tore his left elbow ligaments and fell
to Jonidan rank.  He had a bad habit going with his
chest up and could not win consistently.

Last Kyushu Basho after suffering three consecutive
make-koshi, he phoned his mother telling her that he
felt he had reached the limit and would never get to
Juryo.  He told her he wanted to give up and come home
to Aomori.  But his mother, Kyoko, told him to stay
just one more year and do the best he can.  "I cried
my heart out at the phone then," Bushuyama recalling
that day. Since then he has put together five
consecutive kachikoshis.        

The first Juryo promotion after 29 bashos since the
dohyo debut is the fifth slowest in the sumo history. 

Musashigawa oyakata
"He started using his right and lost the bad habit of
raising his chest. I saw him working out pretty hard
lately so I had a feeling he would become a sekitori
soon. He has a good physique so the only thing left is
start using the body to his advantage and not to pull
as he used to.  He's seen the guys more junior move
ahead and doing well, so that must have been motivated
him sufficiently."      

(Both Wakanosato and Takamisakari are from Aomori and
were at the same year during his  university years.
Tochiazuma and Chiyotaikai are born in the same year.)

Musashigawa oyakata added Musashimaru would start
training from the beginning of Jyugyo tour. "His hand
would not improve right away but he should gradually
get working it in."
For Musoyama, he would initially only participate in
the dohyo-iri but  will resume training once his
condition improves.

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