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[Spoiler] Kasugao

I recall a Mitoizumi story.  His family struggled as
he and his brother were raised solely by their mother.
 He says they were dirt poor and never had enough to

Mitoizumi decided to join Ozumo to be less of burden
to his mother as soon as he was able at 15 years old. 
He says he could stand all the hard sumo life in the
early days because he knew his mother had one mouth
less to feed and no longer needed to support him.  He
believed he could never go back to his mother until he
became a successful rikishi.         

Juryo Yusho Rikishi - Kasugao  

A Korean Sumo Champion defeated a young Mongolian
warrior for the Juryo Yusho on the Senshuraku at the
Kyushu Basho. 
Definetly one of the best bouts, if not the best bout
of the basho, Kasugao went into right yotsu position
immediately after tachiai. Then both rikishis followed
with one dynamic throw after another, never resting
for a moment but finally Kasugao held Asasekiryu's
elbows and plunged out of the dohyo taking Asasekiryu
with him, beating him by yori-taoshi. 

The fans cheered wildly appreciating the thrilling and
exciting bout put out by the two combatants.  It was
simply an explosive display of Asian power symbolizing
this Kyushu Basho.   Kasugao got the Juryo Yusho by
defeating his main rival Asasekiryu and is now certain
to be the first Makuuchi rikishi from Korea.

"When I am promoted to the Makuuchi, I'd like to
invite my mother.  I really don't want my mother to
suffer any more hardships," said Kasugao.  He is
sending the whole Juryo Yusho prize money of Two
Million Yen to his mother.

Kasugao's father passed away when Kasugao was only
three years old and ever since then his mother
supported the family by working as a cleaner day and
night. The night before he left Korea to join Ozumo,
Kasugao pledged one day he would come back successful.
He still remembers saying to his mother in tears, "I'd
buy you a house. I'd promised to buy you delicious
food every day." 

This March he went back to Korea to celebrate  his
mother's 60th birthday.  When he showed up at the
party wearing a kimono with mage, his relatives
condemned him and told him, "Stop with this Japanese
sumo nonsense.  Aren't you least bit ashamed of
yourself dressed like that ?"

The cold stares he received were no different from
four and half years ago when he decided to join Ozumo.
^I never doubted if I become successful, their feeling
towards me will change,^ explained Kasugao.  

He was promoted to Juryo at the Nagoya Basho.  It took
him four years to reach the sekitori rank but he will
be passing through Juryo in mere three bashos.  

^I want to climb up the ranks to become a Sanyaku
rikishi and step on the dohyo in the Musubi, the last
bout of day,^ said Kasugao hoping one day he can
become the top rikishi in the national sport of Japan
so he can help improve Japan-Korea relations further
after the World Cup both nations held together
successfully this year.      

- from Nikkan Sports

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