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RE: What does "henka" mean?

I've always liked henka being rendered as "the old
switcharoo."  Just my two cents worth.


--- "Pardoe, Richard (PRDR)" <PRDR@chevron.com> wrote:
> Henka is to leap sideways at the tachi-ai - hoping
> to catch the opponent
> with too much forward momentum so that you can
> either push him down as he
> rushes by you or push him out from behind.  If you
> search the archives
> (www.banzuke.com), you will see much discussion
> about henka and whether or
> not top-level rikishi should employ this in their
> matches.
> The word itself in Japanese means change or
> variation.  So it is easy to
> guess (on my part) that the word "henka" is used to
> talk about a variation
> in tachi-ai (sideways instead of forward).
> Rich Pardoe
> (willing to defer to the professional linguists as I
> only have an amateur
> interest in etymology)

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