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RE: [Spoiler] Ozeki question

>The new head of the Yokozuna Selection Committee,
>Tsuneo Watanabe (who also happens to be the chairman
>of the Tokyo Giants, Nihon TV and Yomiuri Shimbun)
>said at their apres-basho regular meeting today that
>if Kaio wins the yusho next basho or yusho equivalent
>meaning the same record as the yusho rikishi like
>losing at the Deciding Match, Kaio will likely be
>promoted to yokozuna.

You really think they'd promote Kaio if he lost a 11-4 yusho
playoff?  I think that's Wakanohana IV just waiting to happen.
Still, this is the first ozeki yusho since Musashimaru, so I
suppose the Kyokai is getting a bit desperate.  But if they
learn anything from the Miyabiyama debacle, it should be
"Don't promote anybody until they've proved without a shadow
of a doubt that they are ready."

I'd like to see at least a 14-1 yusho next basho, or 13-2 yusho
with a yokozuna scalp or two, before I'll be satisfied that he
is ready.

  - Joe
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