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The sansho winners this time around:
* Shukunsho: Tochinonada, Tochiazuma
* Kantosho: Tamanoshima
* Ginosho: Kotomitsuki

Am I the only one missing the name Asashoryu from the list above? Surely, I thought, for a 20-year old lightweight Mongolian to go 9-6 at maegashira 6 in his second basho in makunouchi, having faced several sanyaku, including a yokozuna and having beating an ozeki (well that's what they call him) would be enough to get a kantosho or ginosho? Apparently not. He was also very close in January. Has anyone heard some motivation why he didn't get it?

Had I been in charge of awarding the sansho (and we might be all be lucky that I'm not), I would have given the shukunsho to Tochiazuma and Kotomitsuki and the ginosho to Asa. BTW, I hear they now call him "Mongoru no ookami" (The Mongolian Wolf"). Classy nickname. I hope he's not just the new Kyokushuzan...