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Re: [Spoiler] Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

At 11:39 2001-03-22 +0100, you wrote:
>Yokozuna Musashimaru lost to Tochiazuma, while Kaio, Takanohana 
>and Musoyama won today. He has only mathematical chances at the 
>yusho left. Kaio leads at 12-0 with Takanohana following at 
>11-1 and Musoyama at 10-2. Tomorrow we have Takanohana-Musoyama
>and Kaio-Musashimaru.

Kaio is really on a roll. His despatching of the ozekis is quite impressive
and I really hope he can finish this off with the yusho. Of course that will
mean he goes make-koshi next basho with the pressure all over him, but
interesting it would be in any case...

>In the Juryo division was another injury, this time it was
>Tamaokuni, the older brother of Tamanoshima. He probably
>will just drop to Makushita with 4-8-3. 

He might stay in Juryo with 4-8-3. It has been difficult for the top rankers
in Makushita this basho and only two are fairly sure of promotion, namely
Sumanofuji (4-2 at Ms02w) and Shimotori (5-1 Ms04e). Of the rest, Only
Yamada seems to have a really good shot at Juryo promotion if he can go 4-3
(currently 3-3 at Ms02e).
In Juryo Toyozakura (1-3-11) will definitely go down. Komahikari (J09e, 3-9)
will go down before Tamanokuni unless he wins all three remaining matches.
On top of this all four of Senshuyama (6-6 at J12e), Kotokanyu (7-5 at
J12w), Masutsuyoshi (7-5 at J13e) and Takanotsuru (6-6 at J13w) will go down
before Tamanokuni, if they go make-koshi.
My bet is that Tamanokuni will stay. If Yamada can go kachi-koshi, the three
going down will be Toyozukara, Komahikari and Takanotsuru or Senshuyama.

The leader Harunoyama
>and his four pursuers all lost today. Kitazakura became the
>fifth pursuer one win behind Harunoyama with his win against

This is another interesting affair. If Harunoyama does well he might
actually get promoted to Makunouchi.
A lot of rikishi are going to drop from the top division. Possibly (but
probably not) up to 6!
It's already quite certain Daishi (M14w, 4-8), Minatofuji (M14e, 4-8) and
Kinkaiyama (M13e, 3-5-7) will go down. Aminishiki will have to win all of
his remaining matches to stay, Asanowaka probably at least 2 out of 3 and
Takatoriki, Kyokushuzan and Tochinohana at least 1. 
In Juryo Wakatsutomu (J03e, 8-4), Toki (J04e, 8-4) and Kitazakura (J04w,
8-4) have the best chances at promotion, but both Wakakosho  (J01w, 6-6) and
Hamanishiki (J02e, 6-6) will be promoted if they go kachi-koshi. Harunoyama
at J08e might with luck see him promoted with only 11-4 but 12-3 should be a
shoe-in. Quite an achievement to go from Makushita to Makunouchi in 2 basho
(and rare... I know Daikiko did it but I don't know of any other cases
although I'm sure there are at least some).
My guess is: 
Down: Daishi, Minatofuji, Kinkaiyama and Aminishiki with Takatoriki and
Asanowaka just holding on.
Up: Wakatsutomu, Toki, Kitazakura and Wakakosho with Hamanishiki just
missing kachi-koshi and Harunoyama going 10-5.

>My adopted rikishi Muranaka is in high regions now in upper
>Sandanme and I feared the worst after a 0-2 start. But now
>he won 4 in a row and he's 4-2 and achieved the kachi-koshi 
>and a promotion already.

And Takamaru will make his presence felt in Sandanme next basho!
6-0 and hopefully a yusho winner in Jonidan! Should elevate him to a new
high rank in Sandanme, can he just get that 7th win...