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RE: Asashoryu-stuff [Spoiler]

> > >Asashoryu vs. Musashimaru
> > >  The young Mongolian is outweighed by a whopping 200 lb by the towering
> > >and scowling Musashimaru.  The Mongolian zipped in and started
> > whapping at
> > >the massive Hawaiian's chest.  Musashimaru blundered forward, with
> > >Asashoryu backing up.  The small man shifts and the Yokozuna
> > grabs him in a
> > >choke hold from the back, and pulls Asashoryu down clumsily.
> > The officials
> > >scratch their heads and call it an okuritaoshi win (rear push down).
> >

> Asashoryu's amazing mobility was evident in this match.  He did a similar
> thing vs. Mickey the day before, doing a limbo under Mickey's arm and then
> pushing him out.  In this match, Maru got his right arm in and was going to
> push him out, but Asashoryu tried to escape and got himself turned around.
> Maru's sashi suddenly became a choke hold.  There wasn't much that Maru
> could do but try pulling him down from behind.

That is one thing making him very interesting to watch. Whereas
Chiyotaikai is the most amazing tsuki-rikishi there is (when he is at his
best) I would rank Asashoryu as even better in relation to his weight. Yet
he can be as agile as Terao at his prime (not bad now either..) and very
unpredictable. He had some strange bouts in Juryo too and also performed
the weirdest amiuchi. Ushiromotare would have been the technique
should it have been one of the offical ones last year.

Also Asashoryu gets real fired up during bouts and never fails to show
great fighting spirit. I am really looking forward seeing him against
all Sanyaku rikishis.