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RE: [Spoiler] Ozeki question

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> Subject: [Spoiler] Ozeki question
> Would an ozeki get promoted to yokozuna with 13-2 yusho
> 14-1 losing yusho in playoff?

Other factors would have to come into play.  How many Yokozuna are there?
Only one, and his chances go up, two or more and his chances go down.  How
many previous yusho does he have?  If he has a prior history of winning it
all, the Kyokai would probably take a chance on him doing it some more.
What was his record in the basho previous to his 13-2 yusho?  If he's always
getting jun-yushos and/or losing in play-offs, that may work in his favor.
What's the state of sumo and how popular is the rikishi?  As the
Chiyotaikai, Dejima and Miyabiyama promotions attest, a crisis in sumo
popularity can sometimes touch off a rash of promotions.  Promotions bring
publicity.  Certainly Wolf Fever helped Chiyonofuji become Yokozuna, even
though he'd won only two Yusho, and not back to back.  By the same token,
during the Waka-Taka boom, the Kyokai didn't feel the need to promote
Takanohana despite his constant taking of the Yusho.  With sumo drawing big,
there was no need to rush his promotion.  I'd say that with only one
Yokozuna, a popular young Ozeki, and sumo popularity slumping, he could
probably get promoted.  Two yokozuna and sumo drawing well, and he'd
probably have to wait...

Josh Reyer