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RE: [spoiler] Kotoryu?

> I see Kotoryu has now withdrawn from the 7th day of the basho.
> Kotoryu looked like he was in pain after last night's bout with
> Kaio.  He certainly landed hard enough to be injured.  Has there
> been any update on his condition besides the announcement of his
> withdrawal?
> -kimberly

It wasn't the landing that did it; Kaio wrenched his arm with his kote-nage.
It sounds very bad; I'm not exactly sure how it would be in English, but
translating directly, it would seem to be some kind of fracture at the
joint.  NHK says it'll take three months to heal.  Both Kaio and Kotoryu
said they heard some kind of sound at the joint when Kaio applied his

Josh Reyer