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RE: Tochiazuma - wassup?

> Dear sumo fans who can actually watch the basho,
> 	What's up with Tochiazuma?  Is he injured?  Is he having
> bad luck?  Is he
> getting whipped in his matches, or is he almost winning?  Is there
> hope?  Will he withdraw from the basho?
> Day 1 Ye Takanohana (1-0) uwatenage Ke Tochiazuma (0-1)

This was a good match.  Takanohana had the upper hand throughout the match,
but what's amazing was the fight that Tochiazuma put up.  Particularly
recently, when Takanohana gets the upper hand, he's been over powering.
Like today; he threw Mickey, and Mickey actually got air.

> Day 2 M3e Takanonami (1-1) kotenage Ke Tochiazuma (0-2)

Takanonami was able to use his height and leverage.  Tochiazuma was not able
to get a strong postion from tachiai.

> Day 3 Oe Kaio (3-0) yorikiri Ke Tochiazuma (0-3)

I missed this one, but I hear it was over quickly.  Kaio looks pretty
strong.  Somedays, that's the way it goes.

> Day 4 Se Wakanosato (3-1) sukuinage Ke Tochiazuma (0-4)

Not a bad match.  Tochiazuma was able to prevent Waka "The Man" nosato from
getting a right uwate grip, but again, he was not able to get the initiative
from tachiai.  This gave Waka time to get his left arm under and through
Tochiazuma's armpit.  Waka's strong in any kind of yotsumi, and has one of
the best sukui-nage's in sumo today.  Gushing biasedly, I'd say only
Musashimaru's was stronger.

So far, I'd guess that Tochiazuma's getting reacquainted with the
sanyaku-class tachiai.  He's not getting beat at tachiai, but he's losing
the initiative.  This does not bode well for his match against Dejima
tomorrow.  Dejima's tachiai has been *extremely* powerful this basho.
Everyone of his opponents has lost at tachiai, even Kotoryu, although he was
just barely able to keep his heel up and avoid the loss today.  Look for
Tochiazuma to henka.  If Dejima falls for it, Tochi'll get his first
shiroboshi of the basho.  If Dejima keeps his balance, look for Tochiazuma
to land somewhere in the A Masu-seki seats.  But Tochiazuma's top class.
I'd still pick him to get kachikoshi this basho.

Josh Reyer