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Re: Tochiazuma - wassup?

At 9:33 AM -0500 on some recent date, William C. Blank mentioned:

>	What's up with Tochiazuma?  Is he injured?  Is he having bad luck?  Is he 
>getting whipped in his matches, or is he almost winning?  Is there 
>hope?  Will he withdraw from the basho?
>Day 1 Ye Takanohana (1-0) uwatenage Ke Tochiazuma (0-1)
>Day 2 M3e Takanonami (1-1) kotenage Ke Tochiazuma (0-2)
>Day 3 Oe Kaio (3-0) yorikiri Ke Tochiazuma (0-3)
>Day 4 Se Wakanosato (3-1) sukuinage Ke Tochiazuma (0-4)

I can only watch via the lousy live feeds on the Kyokai's page, but according to my notes Tochiazuma put up a strong fight for the first two matches.  He was easily overpowered in the last two.  I'd say there's hope, based on the first two matches, if he can recover from the last two when facing opponents that aren't quite as tough.  His record could just as easily be 2-2.


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