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[Spoiler] Re: Tochiazuma - wassup?

Hi Bill,
>   Dear sumo fans who can actually watch the basho,
well, I can't, which doesn't stop me from trying an answer :-)

>   	What's up with Tochiazuma?  Is he injured?  Is he having bad luck?  
Is he 
>   getting whipped in his matches, or is he almost winning?  Is there 
>   hope?  Will he withdraw from the basho?
>   Day 1 Ye Takanohana (1-0) uwatenage Ke Tochiazuma (0-1)
>   Day 2 M3e Takanonami (1-1) kotenage Ke Tochiazuma (0-2)
>   Day 3 Oe Kaio (3-0) yorikiri Ke Tochiazuma (0-3)
>   Day 4 Se Wakanosato (3-1) sukuinage Ke Tochiazuma (0-4)
The schedule explains a lot so far, I guess - Tochiazuma already
faced 3 of the 4 strongest rikishi participating in the basho,
plus Takanonami with whom you never know. 

>   	-Bill Blank (aka Tetsuonoumi who regrets putting Tochi in his top 
>   hoshitori slot!)>   

Having done the same I don't really feel at ease either...  but I'll
start worrying only if tomorrow he loses against Dejima, too. Out
of the last five duels between these two Tochi won four.

aka Chibikko, pupil of Ookihito-oyakata in the hoshitori
aka Ookihito in all other games