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Re: [Spoiler][Humanitarian]-Shikishima

moti wrote:

> Shikishima seems to be 9-Joe in Makushita. Maybe Lilianne can shed some
> light on his situation, since he now belongs to Michinoku?


Every body knows that he has got a heart problem
(since last January).  It is not too serious for
the everyday life, as long as he doesn't do sumo. 
But sumo is very bad for the heart (as every body
also understands). So he is now convalescent and
waits for the doctor's diagnosis.  This may take
him quite a long time...so nothing can't prevent
his getting down in the banzuke, unfortunately.

Speaking about Michinoku-beya, one other bad news
:  Ikkyuu (former Ube) has retired; he wishes to
continue school from now on and do serious
studies.  As he was very light weighted, he got
aware that he won't get anywhere like this, even
trying very hard, so he took his decision after
thinking it over seriously.

One good news :  a new deshi succeeded in Osaka;
his name is Uchiyama Naoya, from Nagoya.