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Sumo Topics - March 5, 2001

Former yokozuna Akebono had his retirment party at the
Toba Aquarium in Mie Prefecture on March 5 with 400
invited fans.  

Akebono oyakata broughta "Kesho-mawashi" decorated
with an otter, dolphin and whale to the aquarium.  It
was the mawashi he was presented with when he was
promoted to yokozuna and wore at every Nagoya Basho.  
The fans always felt that the mawashi brought a good
fortune and indeed Akebono did win a yusho at the last

Nagoya Basho after many bashos battling the injuries. 

The oyataka said he would miss not having the mawashi
around as he handed it back to the Aquarium officials.
 The aquarium announced that they plan to exhibit the
esho-mawashi at the aquarium 

At the Kyokai's Haru Basho New Recruits Physical Exam
held last week, one notable recruit from Mongolia was
a 16 year old (1.76 meter tall and 75 kg) who joined 
Takashima Beya. 

He is a son of elder sister of Kyokutenho's father 
(Kyokutenho's cousin).  He is already learning the
customs and manners of Ozumo from Sandanme West 100,
Fudoyama (a younger brother of Kyokutenho).

There are already 19 rikishis from Mongolia and if all
7 recruits officially get ranked on the Natsu Basho
Banzuke, the total number of Mongolians will be 26 (I
believe I have once commented that the Kyokai had a
rule permitting only 20 rikishis from one nation, so I
suppose this rule was not so official after all). 

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