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Re: Shikona changes, what happened to the following rikishi, what about the following new ones

--- ShiroiKuma ??? <ShiroiKuma@ShiroiKuma.com> wrote:

> Does anyone have an idea about shikona changes, and
> new rikishi in lower
> divisions? Specifically, what happened to the
> following rikishi, did they
> quit, or do they have new shikona:

> Tatsutagawa-beya
> -------------------------
> Kenjou
> Maenoharu

> Naruto-beya
> -----------------------
> Okumura
> Takakitamura
> And then, who are these new rikishi, new ones, or
> just new shikona:
> Tatsutagawa-beya
> ---------------------------
> Mitanoyama
> Taiyou
> Naruto-beya
> -------------------------
> Takanoya
> Yuminosato

I think you basically answered your own question but
here goes:  

In case of the two rikishis from Naruto Beya, this is
my guess (though I think it's a good one).

If you recall back in the last December New Recruits
Physical Clinic, along with a bunch of Mongolians, you
may have noticed "Okumura" from Naruto Beya.  Well
there is already an Okumara in Naruto Beya - actually
it's now a younger brother joining in Ozumo.  So
basically you can't have the same shikona so my guess
is Takanoya is actually the elder Okumura and the
original Okumura while Yuminosato is the one just
starting out after doing Mae-zumo in January  (If you
take a look at the Banzuke, Yuminosato is Jonokuchi
West 32 and Takanoya is Jonokuchi East 12 and both are
from Fukui Prefecture). 

Takakitamura is still there at Jonidan East 110 and
has his web site at 
Kenjo and Maenoharu are with Takadagawa Beya. Kenjo is
now known as Mitanoyama at Jonidan East 22 while
Maenoharu is now Taiyo at Jonidan West 18.

Remember there is no longer Tatsutagawa Beya as they
were taken over by Michinoku Oyakata (according to
Fujimori san's superb Kirishima/Michinoku web site at
they approached the Ichimon's head Tokitsukaze oyakata
first but was told that he was getting on the age and
it would be better to be with a heya with a younger

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