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Re: Kansai Time Out!

At 20:22 -0700 26/2/01, Keri Sibley wrote:
>Just a quick note to the group!  Doreen has another Sumo article in the
>Kansai Time Out.  The article is not on the web site (yet?) but there is a
>picture of what I believe to be the cover...with cartoonish sumotori on it!
>Doreen? Any comments or do we have to buy it?

Hi Keri,

I've been writing a bimonthly column for KTO since 1983, so it's no big 
news that #104 just came out. Sorry I have no idea what the editor's plans 
are for putting any or all of it online. I certainly don't welcome having 
all my stuff put out there, since a lot of sumo information is recyclable. 

~Doreen in sumoland~

~ The difficult can be done immediately;
        the impossible will take a little longer ~